Sunday, October 21, 2012

POP-ZOMBIE shirts, stickers and buttons have arrived!

This is pretty late in getting posted, but the POP-ZOMBIE shirts are now in-stock at my BEASTWRECK SHIRTS & STUFF shop! Available in men's crew-neck, or women's v-neck styles. There are also some snaptastic POP-ZOMBIE 1.5-inch buttons and diecut vinyl stickers available at the shop! ORDER HERE!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

POP-ZOMBIE shirts up for preorder!

BEASTWRECK SEASON 2, episode 4: "POP-ZOMBIE" It's time for another zombie shirt, kids! Are zombies on the verge of being played-out? Maybe, but not if they're done right! Is this zombie done right? Well, he's decidedly more colourful than your run-of-the-mill zombie, that's for sure! Pop colours make this zombie really... POP!
Up for preorder now at the BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff shop! Save $2 off the regular price if you preorder. Preorders will be taken until Sept. 5th, at which time the order will be sent to the printer and the price will go up to $20.
3-color design soft ink over discharge underbase screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black. Men's crew-neck and women's v-neck styles available!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

CROC-LORD shirts up for preorder!

The ancient reptilian swamp-deity holds captive one of the myriad water-nymphs that inhabits the watery realm, draining her of her power to add to his own. That's right -- CROC-LORD shirts are now up for preorder at the BEASTWRECK SHOP! I figured it was high-time to get this baby printed, and get on the ball with even more cool shirt releases for the second half of 2012! PLUS, if you order the shirt during the preorder phase, you save $2 per shirt!! This shirt is a pre-order. The preorder period will be approximately 1 1/2 weeks and the shirt order will be sent to the printer on or around August 8th, so please allow approximately 3 weeks after that to ship your order. Actual shipping transit time will vary based on your location. Any additional (in-stock) shirts added to your order will ship when your order is complete. If you want your in-stock shirts to ship faster, please place a separate order. 3-color design soft ink over discharge underbase screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black Gildan Softstyle 4.5 oz 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton for men, or Black Tultex 0214 V-Neck 4.5 oz 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton for the ladies. One-color BeastWreck logo printed on right sleeve.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New BARREL-CHUCKER shirts up for preorder!

BARREL-CHUCKER shirts are now up for preorder at my BeastWreck shop! Men's & Women's styles available. Order will be placed with the printer on 7/27. Grab yourself some stickers and buttons too, while you're at it! PREORDER!! ORDER WILL BE PLACED WITH THE SCREENPRINTER ON 7/27. SHIRTS SHOULD ARRIVE 3-4 WEEKS AFTER THAT. Here, the beast can be seen in his natural habitat, hurling barrels at his least favorite mustachioed Italian plumber. For all you fans of old-school arcade games, big ol' gorillas or apes tossing flaming barrels! 5-color design soft ink over discharge underbase screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black Gildan Softstyle 4.5 oz 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton. 1-color BeastWreck logo printed on sleeve.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's a mashup of the infamous feces-coloring General Mills Monster Cereal FRANKEN BERRY with the 70's-80's version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The term "Frak", or "Frakking" was a safe-for-TV futuristic-sounding expletive created for the original Battlestar series. These shirts are now up for preorder at the BEASTWRECK SHOP. Printed, as usual, by Threadbird, it's a 5-color design soft ink screenprinted over discharge underbase (no thick plastisol) on soft creme Canvas 3001 4.20 oz preshrunk 100% ringspun cotton for men and "ivory" Next Level 3300L 3.70 oz preshrunk 100% ringspun cotton for women. Only $18. Shirts are being printed and are expected to arrive the week of June 13th.


BEASTWRECK is now a member of SOCIETY6. I thought it was time I offered my designs on more products than I could afford to get printed myself, and Society6 looked like a good fit. My inaugural design is the Donkey Kong tribute, BARREL-CHUCKER! It's available as various sized archival prints, stretched canvas prints, framed prints, laptop/ipad skins and ipod cases/skins! Check it out and Buy cool stuff HERE!

Friday, April 13, 2012


It took a little longer than expected due to having to make sure the colors would print accurately, but the BEASTBURGER shirts have finally arrived and are in-stock at the BEASTWRECK shop! Thanks to master-printers, THREADBIRD, they look fantastic, as usual. Preorders have been filled and shipped, and there are still plenty of shirts left in stock, so order yours before it sells out!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BEASTBURGER final colors

Finally finished up the colors for our BEASTBURGER design. Getting it set up for preorder asap.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


And now, it's the male models' turn...
My favorite lady Anna Shutske (of Anna Shutske Photography) did me a major solid, and helped me out with filling in the holes in my model shots with some terrific new male model photos. Check out the photos and check out Anna's photography page here.


KROOL-AID (black)