Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi, folks! If you're reading this, chances are, you've followed some link I've provided, either on my BeastPop blog or my facebook page. This represents the first post of BeastPop's brand name enterprise, and I look forward to putting out a whole lot of cool shirt designs for you folks to buy and wear, as well as stickers, buttons, prints, and much more.

"Why did you not just stick with BeastPop?" I can hear some of you asking. Well, BeastPop had become my sort of artist's pen-name and serves as a catch-all for all of my art-dealings, from personal projects to commissioned work for clients. I wanted something similar yet new that would stand alone and serve as our new brand name. If it's got the BeastWreck! label on it, it's something I've produced and am selling on my own site. Anything on the BeastPop site will be created by me, yet not necessarily created FOR me or available from me. Got it?

To go along with my first BeastWreck! post, I thought I'd include some of the rough logo sketches and concepts I was tossing around to help me settle on my eventual decision. I thank all of you who contributed feedback regarding possible names and logo treatments.


  1. Just came across your site on some t-shirt blog,your art is classic. best of luck
    Got mine up and running about two months ago
    cheers Olly

  2. Thanks, Olly. Your shop looks pretty sweet. Keep on truckin'!